KNL gives healthy, mineral
enriched and safe drinking water

Stage 1

Pre Filter (Fitted with PP Spun 10”, pore size 5 micron) Captures all particles having size 5 microns and above (clay, sand, rust, color, heavy metal etc.) and then supplies to sediment filter.

Stage 2

Sediment Filter (absolute 5 microns) Made from polypropylene & sediment special cloths in combinations. Polypropylene is resistant to bacterial growth. The filter captures suspended matter such as sand, silt, loose scale, clay and organic material from the water and then supplies clean water to the rest of fitlers.

Stage 3

Activated Carbon Block Filter (1000 IV) Made from activated carbon in solid cylindrical block. Absorbs harmful chemical, toxic, excess iodine, chlorine etc up to 99% & removes smell, odor and enhances drinking water taste.

Stage 4

KNL NF20/NF40/NF60/NF80/RO Membranes 100% passes through the membrane. The different categories of membrane having pore sizes 0.0015 μ, 0.001 μ, 0.0005 μ, 0.0002 μ/hybrid, 0.0001 μ respectively. These membranes with 100% surety removes arsenic, lead, cyanide, bromide, pesticides, herbicides, VOCs, bacteria, protozoa, viruses, germs, microbes, color, smell and all other contaminants from drinking water and flushes them through rejected water. Membrane must be selected according to input water TDS else the result may not be satisfactory.

Stage 5

Activated Post Carbon (Coconut shell) The post carbon made from activated coconut shell granuels inbuilt with UF filter. Half part filled with coconut granuels & half part is UF filter. Coconut granules is antibacterial agents and therefore inhibits the bacterial growth and furthe enhances drinking water taste.

Stage 6

AAA Filter (Alkaline, Antibacterial & Antioxidant) The filter is used to add/enhance pH (alkaline) of drinking water. The filter adds up to pH 3.5 and necessary minerals too. Normally RO membrane reduces the pH value of purified water by pH 1.5 hence become acidic, NF80 reduces around pH 1.0, NF60 reduces around pH 0.5 but NF40 and NF20 are note reduces pH but maintains as per input pH value.

TDS adjuster/controller: A mechanism to pass certain portion of water after carbon filter through UF membrane and UV barrel and then mixed with RO membrane purified water to maintain TDS (minerals) in drinking water is called TDS adjuster/controller. UF membrane (good quality hollow fiber with pore size 1 micron) cannot capture water born viruses but captures only clay, silt and sand particles from water. The UV lamp deactivates the DNA of germs/virus but does not kill and they go into your drinking water. Therefore the TDS adjuster allows impurities back into drinking water if contaminants like arsenic, bromide, fluoride, chlorine, herbicides, pesticides and other VOCs exist in raw water. As we know the most areas are effected with arsenic contaminants more than the accepted level which causes cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes etc. as per WHO and other scholars. Therefore, users are requested to choose right technology of membrane (NF membrane or high TDS RO membrane) as per their need.

It is easy to know the water hardness & pH of your raw water by using TDS pen meter and pH reagent drops which are easily available in open market and online.

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