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Safe & Healthy Drinking Water

The world health organization (WHO), United States Environmental Agency (EPA), Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) and many other prominent institution recommendations must be taken seriously. The TDS (the total dissolve substance in PPM per liter) of drinking water in the range of 100 ppm to 300 ppm is considered safe for drinking. The presence of TDS above the mentioned range leans toward a poor quality for drinking.

Calcium, Sodium, Magnesium, potassium, carbonate, chloride, sulphate are some of the constituent of TDS which are minerals present in drinking water. We intake 5% to 10% of required essential minerals via drinking water and the rest from our daily diets. Therefore, it is necessary to drink healthy & safe water.

According to Dr Stephen T. Sinatra (M.D, F.A.C.C, F.A.C.N, C.N.S, C.B.T low pH drinking water on long run may damage arteries, increase LDL (bad cholesterol) which causes cardiac arrest, diabetes etc. So it is better to keep pH of drinking water within safe range i.e. pH level between pH 7.5 to pH 8.5. This range is also within EPA and WHO guidelines.

Healthy drinking water functions

Healthy drinking water functions as glue with the cells, prevents DNA damage, improves immune system, provides minerals that we consume, helps in metabolism, carries minerals to the organs and entire body, improves blood cell functions, removes impurities through liver & kidney, helps joint spaces and prevents from arthritis, prevents from constipation, reduces heart attack & stroke possibilities, improves sleep etc. and much more.

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